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My official showreel of 2021!
An animated cover for a song I made called "Substitute Charmer"
An AR animation you can view through your phone screen if you point it at my pencil-drawn artwork situated at the second floor of the Willem de Kooning Academy
Maker (Illustrator/2d animator)
Unofficial music video for the intro of Thundercat's "Them Changes". Have fun.
A VR experience about the abandoned Tropicana building in Rotterdam.
Art director/3d Generalist/Seal
Muck is a short 3d about experiencing media in Covid-19 times. My father did the musical score.
Pitch for an animation series called "Legend of the Red Cliff" which is about Dutch folk legends.
Environment Designer/Composer
Stan Folds' Chills 'n' Tales currently has over 3 million streams on Spotify!
Educational animation about "toeterturken" made for a school project.
Abstract animation made for a school project.
Animation series pitch based on 'The Iliad' by Homer, "The Price of Ignorance".
Environment Designer/3d Generalist
An animation I produced in my free time.
An animation I produced in my freetime.
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