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MUCK is a short horror animation about experiencing what's happening in the world through screens. It's made by me and sound design was done by Bert Lochs.
Based on 'The Iliad' by Homer, "The Price of Ignorance" is a pitch for a 3d-animated show about ignorance and courage. Backgrounds were produced by me.
If you like slap bass, watching this video is the thing to do.
This small animation was made for lofi artist Stan Folds as a promotion video for his track "Chills 'n Tales". The track currently has over 1.5m streams on Spotify!
Educational animation made for a school project. About a little phenomenon called 'toeterturken'.
An funny animation project I made in my free time.
Abstract animation made for a school project. About how standing out can be a blessing or a burden.
An animation I produced in my freetime. About a cat and his love for fish.
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