Forest of Frequencies (Concept artist, sound designer, UI designer, 3d generalist)
Production work
Concepting work
ToadStone, a mobile app made in 6 weeks (Environment designer and other tasks)
Environments in Unity for ToadStone
For the environment I used a combination of pencil drawings and normal maps
What that looks like in Unity
Random free-time work (Illustrator)
"Nosferatu Reanimated" is a feature film being directed by Erik van Schaaik. As an intern I made concept art, did cleanup and more.
Cleanup: I created final traces, lighting and backgrounds
Background design: Part of the work I'm able to show
Character design: Small part of the work I'm able to show
"Dive Mind" (Maker)
"Kerosino" personal project (Maker)
Stan Folds and Yannick Middelkoop's 'A Classic Movie Night' (Maker)
3d work for 'Farrah's Big Adventure' (Art Director)
Concept art for Tropicana VR project (Art Director/Character Designer/3d Generalist)
Random worldbuilding maps (Maker)
Concept for underwater street in the Maas (Part of collaboration)
Concept art for "Legend of the Red Cliff" (Environmental Designer)
"Støry"-magazine with comics that were each made in 4 days (Maker)
Every asset from my stop-motion animated video called "toeterturken" (Maker)
Concept art I made as background artist of "The Price of Ignorance" (Environmental Designer/3d Generalist)
Illustrations for the online jazz-newspaper called JazzNu (Illustrator/3d artist)
Work made for Bert Lochs and his band Braskiri (Illustrator)
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