Concept art I made as background artist of "The Price of Ignorance"
3d-work I produced as a background artist/3d generalist of "The Price of Ignorance"
The Terminator, caricature
1920x1080 render in Blender, with lots of particle, fog and lights
Mock-album cover for a funky song I made and posted to YouTube
A school project called "Støry". I gave myself a month to come up with and draw a bunch of original stories. In total I made 5 short stories and a cover.
Illustrations for the online jazz-newspaper called JazzNu.
Drawings made for a project called  "Legend of the Red Cliff". These drawings are concept art for the house the main characters live in. The house had to be art-deco mixed with witch stuff.
End results for the inside and the outside of the witch-house.
I've always been interested in "worldbuilding", I make up a world and treat it as realistically as possible. I like to make these worlds into maps and give them metro systems for example.
Work made for Bert Lochs and his band Braskiri.
Every asset from my stop-motion animated video called "toeterturken". All hand cut colored paper. This was one of my most labour intensive animations yet.
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